Contact Us: When your Child is Absent

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The Bishop’s Stortford Attendance/Reporting Absences Procedures

Reporting Absences - How to notify the school if your child is absent

Any student absence, whatever the reason, must be reported by 8.30am on each morning of absence, using our dedicated school ‘My Ed’ phone App. The Absence Hotline can be found under the Messaging Section of the App.

Please give a brief, detailed description of the reason of absence. Please note that reasons such as ill, poorly or unwell will be unauthorised.

Change in Reporting Medical Appointments:

All future medical appointments should also be reported using the ‘MyEd’ App at least 2 days prior to the appointment, along with relevant confirmation of the appointment. A letter or screenshot of the appointment should be attached to the message. Appointments may not be authorised if you are unable to provide confirmation of the appointment.

All absence queries and general queries should be emailed in to the School via the usual channels and not via the MYEd App, the messaging function is solely for daily absence reporting and the reporting of medical appointments.

In the event of not being able to access the App thenplease call the

Attendance Line Number - 01279 869555

Please do not report absences via the Admin School Offices or the main school number.

Emails will not be accepted for notification of absence.

Late arrival/missed registration: Any student missing a form registration, either morning or afternoon for any reason, should sign in at the main reception area. If they do not, an unauthorised absence may remain on their record and parents may be notified of absence unnecessarily.

If parents/guardians are aware of a reason why their child will arrive late on any occasion, they should notify the school by the ‘My Ed’ phone App.

Signing Out/In: Students should sign out in the main reception. Any student needing to leave during the school day for an appointment, etc. should have already advised the School by using the MyEd App.

Students will not be allowed off site if School has not received prior advice of the appointment and contact will be made with a parent/guardian. All students under 16 must be collected, they cannot travel independently to appointments even if authorised by parents.

Signing back in on return from an appointment must also be done at the main school Reception.

Attendance Information

At TBSHS we set an individual target attendance of 96% and expect a student to achieve this to maximize their life chances.
Did you know that:
100% Attendance = O lost learning hours
96% Attendance = 37.5 lost learning hours
90% Attendance = 95 lost learning hours

Please be aware that should your son’s/daughter’s attendance drop below 95%, we will contact you and if it continues to fall to 93% then we will contact you again and may invite you into school. If we are still concerned and attendance continues to fall you will be asked to provide proof of absence i.e. a doctor’s note, appointment card or a copy of prescribed medication, in order for the school to authorise any future absences.

Request for Absence from School for Exceptional Circumstances

As a school, following government guidance, we are no longer able to authorise absences in order that you can take a holiday. There may be applications for leave of absence that are considered to be exceptional circumstances and these may include:

  • Service personnel returning from a tour of duty abroad where it is evident the individual will not be in receipt of any leave in the near future that coincides with school holidays
  • Where an absence from school is recommended by a health professional as part of a parent or students rehabilitation from a medical or emotional issue
  • The death of an immediate family member
  • To attend the wedding of a parent or sibling
  • Family graduation ceremonies or recognised awards ceremonies

These requests will need to be applied for at least 10 days in advance by completing and returning the form below to the school by hand to the main office (in an envelope clearly marked for the attention of the attendance officer) or by requesting the form via email using:

Absence from School for Exceptional Circumstances Form and Information for Parents.pdf

Only the school can authorise an absence. An explanation given by a parent/carer is not always sufficient for the school to authorise it. An absence may only be authorised if the absence is due to:

  • Genuine student illness where a detailed reason has been left via the phone App.
  • “Leave” granted by the school for local medical appointments where either am or pm leave will be granted.
  • The pupil being unable to attend due to exceptional unavoidable causes.
  • Religious observance where applicable.