Academic: Work Experience Year 12 - 20-24th June 2022

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After a gap due to Covid-19, we’re looking forward to rolling out once again, the Year 12 Work Experience programme.

The scheme provides a valuable as well as realistic insight into the world of work and if a student secures a relevant placement, it can help build a portfolio which in turn supports both  employment or university applications. If students are unable to find anything in their chosen sector, don’t forget what Michelin chef Michael Roux once said “Any Work Experience is invaluable.  I look at a CV and the first thing I see is Work Experience. If they can prove they’ve got off their backside stacking shelves or being a paper boy - it’s a simple life skill - even if it’s not your first choice of a job.”

In other words, any work experience is good experience. Don’t forget how much it will help develop those soft skills that you cannot be trained for; social skills, communications skills, character traits, attitudes, attributes, social & emotional intelligence, working alongside others and in a team, a good work ethic, an understanding of the work environment to name but just a few.

We’re sure that like Year 10, our Year 12 students will embrace the opportunity and ensure the programme is a success