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At The Bishop’s Stortford High School we view homework as an essential part of the process of good education. It encourages independence and resilience and underpins the belief that learning can be undertaken as a lifelong process outside the classroom as well as within it. Homework is to be set on a regular basis in accordance with the homework timetable which can be viewed below.

The timetable provides rough guidelines as to the amount of time students are expected to be studying per night, which will vary according to their age. Subject teachers are asked to set work within these guidelines wherever possible but a degree of flexibility should be expected to allow them to deliver the curriculum effectively.  The level and duration of homework will be appropriate to the age and ability of the students in each group.

Homework should be recorded on satchel:one . The programme allows both students and parents to view the homework set online. It is the student’s responsibility to check what homework has been set and to complete it to an appropriate standard with adequate proof reading. Failure to do so will result in an appropriate sanction.

Natalie Miles
Assistant Headteacher

Associated Documents
PDF Document Homework Timetable 2021-22

Homework Timetable 2021-22

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