About TBSHS : Training and Career Development

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Training and Career Development at TBSHS

Growing Great Teachers                                                                              

We at TBSHS are strongly committed to nurturing trainees and teachers entering the profession at the start of their career.

If you are a trainee teacher, TBSHS is a great destination – whether you are undertaking PGCE, QTS or School Direct. Working closely with the Faculty of Education at Cambridge, our local Bishop's Stortford SCITT or other university providers, we have a team of experienced mentors waiting to support you in your classroom experience.

If you are a newly qualified teacher, we offer a complete induction programme to further your expertise and your career.

Many of our trainees and our NQTs continue to develop their careers at TBSHS. Our retention is very good, because of the support and career development we can offer. Here are some of their stories:


Ross Conquest 

“I joined The Bishop’s Stortford High School in 2016 as a Cover Supervisor.  The role was an excellent introduction into classroom management; it gave me a wide range of experiences, both academic and extra-curricular, and increased my confidence in pursuing a career in teaching. The staff at the school created a supportive, professional, and friendly working environment. I was lucky to be able to see excellent teaching-in-action as departments were always willing to allow me to observe their teaching and offer advice. As a result, I was excited to join the History Department and was warmly welcomed as a trainee.

Throughout my trainee and NQT years at the school, my mentors and colleagues always offered excellent support and opportunities. From the outset, I felt trusted to develop and contribute to new initiatives within my department, something that the school is always willing to explore through a range of staff-led CPD sessions. In September 2019 I was appointed the Subject Leader for Politics, an opportunity that came quickly in my career, but one which has allowed me to advance my professional development, test new ideas, and push my teaching practice. “


Simon Mariner – Deputy Head of Sixth Form, MFL 

I came to the school as a trainee in the MFL department in January 2017 and felt at home very quickly. The atmosphere amongst staff is overwhelmingly supportive and having the opportunity to learn from more experienced colleagues was invaluable. Through this collaboration and support, I have been able to explore new ideas and continually develop my teaching. There are also numerous opportunities to get involved in school life, both curricular and extra-curricular, many of which I have been able to take part in since joining.

I was appointed Second in Department for MFL in January 2020, giving me an opportunity for further career development in a leadership capacity. I have also taken part in a Leadership Matters course in order to support this advancement, which is just one of the many CPD opportunities that the school is willing to offer.


William Alexander: Subject Leader for MFL

I came to TBSHS as an MFL trainee in January 2014. From the beginning, I was not only welcomed warmly by the department, but also felt very at home in the staffroom where I often had the opportunity to have a chat with staff from a wide range of departments. The support which I received from my mentor, the professional tutor and the department was excellent; it was very much a personalised training programme.

I was lucky to be appointed as an NQT for the following year, where, again, the support I received was excellent. On top of this, CPD opportunities were plentiful, such as lesson study or weekly sessions run internally for all staff, and we as NQTs were also given opportunities to contribute to staff training and INSET days. My career in the school has been varied, even in my first two years. I applied and interviewed for curriculum and pastoral promotions and was appointed as Head of Year 8 starting in September 2015. Although I had always thought I would prefer curriculum-related roles, being a head of year gave me a more whole-school and holistic approach to the profession and it has been wholly rewarding throughout. In September 2016, I changed roles to Head of MFL, an unprecedented move, but another exciting opportunity.