About TBSHS : Mobile Devices

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At The Bishop's Stortford High School, we have a dynamic and pro-active response to current technologies, which we incorporate into the daily life of the school whenever appropriate.

Developing 21st Century Skills

TBSHS is a 21st century learning environment that embraces the use of a range of technologies – including laptops, desktops, visualisers and interactive whiteboards – to enhance all aspects of learning. Our extensive ICT equipment, rapidly developing VLE (Virtual Learning Environment) and forward thinking teaching methods combine to help students understand that they can continue their learning wherever and whenever they wish.

Our school wireless network has been upgraded and optimised to cope with the increased traffic from mobile devices. Students maybe expected to download some of the many free educational applications to help with their studies.

Mobile Devices Apps
The list of FREE apps may be used to support learning and teaching in lessons. You should have them downloaded onto your device ready to be used in class.

There may be others added to the list, you will be told by your teachers if this happens. In addition, we have included a few apps that staff have recommended that have a small charge, you might like to download these too, these are optional, but you must get permission from the Itunes account holder before you do this.



It is only acceptable to wear a smart watch in school if the student ensures their mobile phone is switched off. If the teacher suspects that the watch and the phone are being used inappropriately, then both will be confiscated for a week.

We strongly recommend to parents/carers that smart watches are not worn to school.