About TBSHS : The Mitre Fund

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The Mitre Team is an overarching strategic group which aims to mobilise support from the community of The School to address improvements in the built environment of our school site. It embraces the generosity of sprirt and continued hard work of the parents, Teacher and Friends Association (PTFA), The Parents Sports Association (PSA), and the newly formed TBSHS Alumini. The Mitre is the conduit between the Teaching Staff, Parents, PTA, PTFA, students and wider community, seeking to raise funds to enable our students to seamlessly enjoy their education to mentor others to do the same and to promote pride in our whole school community.

The Mitre is not just a committee, a magazine, a body of well-meaning fund raisers. It is the spirit of the school, it is the essence of Black and Gold, a whole school community coming together to help one another and the wider community.

Our objectives are to further the advancement of education by providing additional resources to The Bishop's Stortford High School. We wish to enhance the positive experiences of pupils and improve the environment therefore increasing the pupil's ability to learn.