Thought for the Day, 16th July

You Are A Champion

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Thought For The Day – Friday 16th July 2021

You Are A Champion

We celebrate all you have achieved at Final Assembly on the zoom platform today.  Finish in style.


End of academic year thank you part 4

*  Thank you very much to those staff who leave the school this academic year. In order of length of service, Mr. Wells, Mr. Jenkins, Mr. Howlett, Mr. Lord, Ms. Martin, Ms. Davies, Miss Brierly, Ms. Watts and  Mr. Rawlinson-Mills all made their distinctive, unique and brilliant contribution to TBSHS.  Whether it be in the key areas of cover (thank you to cover staff), Science teaching and “Bushcraft” support, Physical Education, Deputy Headteachership, Learning Support and Inclusion, English, Literacy and Debating, Reception (thank you to reception), Examinations and Assessment and Mathematics, Duke of Edinburgh, Sixth Form support, Music and Drama and being a good person (the ethos is this list),  these members of staff made us all better as students, teachers and people.

*  We thank TBSHS’ Governors for all they do for the school and all the time and wise judgement they give.  Our school website pays tribute to Rosemary Jones, former Governor and Chair of Governors who passed away recently. Rosemary gave so many fine opportunities to so many students, staff and therefore parents at the school. Her sons attended the school, as did her grandson. Legacy. We also continue to remember former member of staff, Ian Wickens, who passed away this academic year. TBSHS stands on the shoulders of such giants.

*  An unquantifiable amount goes into the leadership of any organization and this organization.  We need to massively thank all those who lead the school, especially in this academic year of the global pandemic, the most challenging of academic years.  Thank you to Mr. Reeve and the Senior Leadership Team of Mr. Gunn, Mr. Lord, Ms. Engel, Ms. Butler, Mr. Griffiths,  Mr. Stark, Ms. Miles and Mr. Sadler for absolutely everything they have done at all hours of the day for all of us.  We also thank Mr. Pearson-Phillips for all he gave to the school. Please read an excellent edition of “The Mitre”, edited by Mr. Reeve, Mr. Griffiths and Ms. Haines:

ü  Finally, and most importantly, thank you to you, and your families. Parents are always the unsung heroes, of course. Our mental and physical health workers and care workers are  inspirations beyond words too.  We always think of anyone going through a very, very challenging time.  You as students and young people have also been inspirational also in your leadership, responsibility, service and sacrifice.   That should never be forgotten.  In recent weeks,  we have seen young people lead the way, whether it was the England  men’s football team, average age 24,  or the diverse female leadership of Coco Gauff, 17 years of age,  Emma Raducanu, 18 years of age, and Ashleigh Barty, 25 years of age,  at Wimbledon. You students will lead the future. And the future will be awesome because you are leading it.    Like Wimbledon this year, next academic year, new inspiring stories will be told.

ü  Have a good summer. Stay safe and healthy .  Look after others and look after yourself.  Spread the love.  "Take pride in knowing that your struggle will play the biggest role in your purpose." (the quote last year from Marcus’ mum on the mural to Marcus Rashford).  Respect everyone on-line and off-line. Be anti-racist, anti-sexist and anti-all prejudice and discrimination. Do good and be good. Look forward to, and prepare, for a great new season and a totally awesome future.  You have got there, you are getting there, you will get there.  You got this.  Be the best version of yourself. Keep doing you.  

You Are A Champion