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Sixth Form: Choosing the Right Course

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Choosing the right academic courses

Choosing the right combination of courses is vitally important if you are to enjoy your time in the Sixth Form and achieve success.

We offer a great range of subjects to choose from. When we come to create our timetable, we listen to what you want to study and try to ensure that as many subject combinations as possible can be accommodated.

Clearly, you need to choose a course that you will enjoy and one that will be useful to you in the future – some degree courses require certain A-Levels or BTEC courses.  You may choose a subject that you have been good at in the past, or a new subject.  You should consider where your strengths lie – which subjects you like, the skills you have and how you prefer to be assessed.

We are very pleased to be able to offer a range of subjects at Post-16 not available at GCSE.  We suggest that you read through all the course details enclosed in this prospectus before you make your provisional choice. If you would like any further guidance then please feel free to contact Mr Stark at the school.

Please note that A-Level courses are linear and students will be expected to continue their chosen courses for two years, with final examinations taking place at the end of Year 13. Students will be assessed throughout their Sixth Form career to measure their progress and they are expected to achieve grades in line with their potential in the end of Year 12 Post-18 Gateway Examinations.


The two routes to success at The Bishop’s Stortford High School

A-Level Pathway

Students study three linear A-Level subjects over their two years in the Sixth Form. Students with exceptional GCSE grades may study four linear A Level subjects.


Entry Requirements

A total points score of at least 44 from your best eight GCSEs (and at least grade 5 in Mathematics and English Language or Literature). You must also fulfil each chosen subject’s entry criteria.

At least 5 A*/grade 8s are expected for students wishing to study 4 A-Levels.

BTEC + 1 A-Level Pathway

Students study either the Level 3 BTEC Sport or BTEC Applied Science Diploma in addition to one linear A-Level subject. The majority of the assessment on the BTEC route is via coursework, however, approximately 45% will be via examination.

Entry Requirements

A total points score of at least 34 from your best eight GCSEs with at least grade 5 in Mathematics and English Language or Literature and a minimum of 5 GCSEs grades 4-9).

You must also fulfil the specific subject entrance criteria for your chosen BTEC and A-Level course.


Curriculum Enhancement Option

In addition to the pathway choice above, all students are expected to follow an additional qualification to acquire further skills and experiences that will serve them well in the future. Please see the Curriculum Enhancement section for further information about each course.

Extended Project – Core Mathematics – Duke of Edinburgh – Level 3 Qualification in Sports Leadership – Fundamentals of Finance