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Virtual Library Resources

There are plenty of virtual library resources available which can be accessed from home or anywhere you may travel. Check them out!

If you have been using any free resources and wish to share them, please e-mail Miss Bishop at


Audiobooks and eBooks


What is it? -  Let’s start with a shameless self-plug for the TBSHS e-Platform app and website! ePlatform very much does what it says on the tin, it is an online platform on which you are able to borrow two items (you can mix and match or have two of the same format). The titles return themselves automatically at the end of your loan period so keep a close eye on that! ePlatform is available as both an app and website for your convenience.

What will you need? - You will need your school login (your e-mail and password).


Your Local Library

What is it? – Your local library is a goldmine of resources – take advantage of it! They have an extensive virtual library of eBooks and audiobooks via BorrowBox.

Note: Some local libraries are also offering a click and collect service (the Bishop’s Stortford Library is doing this) – go online to check your local library!

What will you need? – You will need a library membership; this is free and the library have made it very easy to join online.


Oak Academy Virtual Library  

What is it? – Oak Academy’s Virtual Library was created in partnership with the National Literacy Trust and offers a free downloadable book from a featured author every week (Sunday – Sunday). Keep an eye out for your favourites!

What will you need? – Nothing but the link below.

Link: Virtual School Library | Oak Academy (

Other online resources for free eBook downloads

(Please note: most of these titles are no longer in copyright and are therefore much more likely to be classics such as Peter Pan or Alice in Wonderland)


 Newspapers and Magazines

 Dynamic Learning

What is it? – Dynamic learning offers you e-mags on specific subjects, e.g. Business Review, Chemistry Review etc. You can also use the search bar to search specific terms you are looking for, e.g. ‘Volcanoes’ in Geography Review as well as access an online archive of past issues.

What do I need? – Not much at all, but, please log in via TBSHS Sharepoint Gateway , as you won’t need a login in this way!



Your Local Library (see – goldmine!)

What is it? – Hertfordshire Library offers e-mags via RB Digital and papers on Press Reader, all free of charge!

What do I need? – A library membership (available online).




What is it? – Often hosted by experts or those really passionate about a topic, podcasts are great for really zoning into something that interests you. Love Greek myth? There is a podcast for that! Alien conspiracy theories? Podcasts have you covered! So why not give on a go?!

What do I need? – Very little, you can find podcasts quite easily online, especially on the following platforms:

  • Apple Podcasts
  • Spotify
  • Google Play
  • Pocket Casts
  • Overcast

 Articles and essays

What is it? – If you are looking for sources to support your work, or simply to delve deeper into a topic, articles and essays are great sources of information  

Jstor - (please ask Miss Bishop for the login)

British Library - (Most sources are free on the British Library website. If there is a source asking for payment, please e-mail Miss Bishop the title and author of the source you are after.)