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At The Bishop’s Stortford High School we offer a wide variety of extra-curricular activities and believe that these allow students an opportunity to continue their education in a competitive situation.

Alongside competitive matches the department also offers the opportunity to participate in badminton, judo, fitness/weight training, rowing, squash and table tennis. There are also trips to watch live football, rugby and cricket matches.

Please see below for the extra-curricular timetable.


Extra-Curricular Sports Time Table

H = Hall; G = Gym; C = Cage; SH = Sports Hall; P = Pavilion; F = Field




(7.45 – 8.25am)



Lunch Time

(1.15 – 1.55pm)



(3.35 – 4.45pm)


Table Tennis – (H) DPS

Staff Meeting

Yr8 Football – (SH) DMP/RB
Yr10-13 Weights - (P) JPG
All Yrs Volleyball – (SH)


Table Tennis – (H) DMP
Cricket Academy - (SH) PJH

Basketball (SH) DMP

All Yrs Judo – (G) Coach
Yr7 Cricket – (SH) PJH
Running Club - (F) MJH
Yr7 Football – (SH) IJS/AO
Yr10 Football – (C) DPS/RJW
S&C Weights – (P) DMP
All Yrs Squash Club – (off-site)


Table Tennis – (H) MJH
Yr7 Rugby - (SH) MAB
Basketball (SH) MJH
Snr Football – (JW) PJH/DPS
Yr8 Rugby – (F) IJS
Badminton - (SH) Coach
Snr Netball – (SH) Coach
Yr10-13 Weights - (P) AM
Yr7 Rugby – (F) MAB
Yr8 Football – (SH) DMP/RB


Cricket Academy - (SH) PJH
Yr7&8 Circuit Training - (G) DMP
Yr9 Rugby League - (F) IJS
Yr11 Football - (SH) PJH/DWH
Yr7 Football – (C) IJS/AO
Yr9 Football – (SH) JCD/DKN
S&C Weights – (P) DMP
Yr11 GCSE PE – (Rm22) PJH



Running Club (All Yrs) – MAB/MJH/MJS/DKN

Yr 7 Cricket - (SH) PJH

Basketball (SH) PJH

Yr7 Rugby - (F) MAB
Yr8 Rugby – (F) IJS
Snr Cricket - (SH) MJH
Girls Circuit Training - (G) DMP

Yr10-13 Weights - (P) PJH

6th Form Support (AS, A2
& BTEC) – (Rm22) PJH


*All the clubs are open to every student regardless of ability and we encourage everyone to get involved in a wide variety.


We have been very fortunate to have developed a relationship with Elms Stansted who sponsor the Year 7 and 8 games kit,  1st XI cricket team and the nationally ranked tennis team. As part of the sponsorship deal parents, guardians, staff member or alumnus buys a new or used BMW or MINI the PSA receives £100. There are also the following discounts available to 'friends' of TBSHS; Used Cars a minimum discount of £500 (dependent on age of vehicle) against any approved BMW or Cherished MINI, Parts & Accessories a minimum discount of 15% on all parts and accessories against RRPs, Service/repair labour rate 10% -15% discount (dependent on age of car) against standard rates.

Please click on the link below to take advantage of our the latest offers from our sponsors BMW and Elms Stansted.