Sixth Form: Bridging Units

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We hope that you and your families are all well and we want to thank you for considering The Bishop’s Stortford High School for your Post-16 studies.

These recent months have been very challenging and unprecedented for students, parents and teachers. The fact that you have not completed GCSE examinations will mean that the jump from Year 11 to Sixth Form will be particularly daunting. With this in mind, we want to provide you with as much support as we can to ensure that you use the summer effectively to build up your study skills and knowledge in order for you to have a positive and confident start to Year 12.

The study skills required of a successful A Level student are varied, and involve you taking an active role in your progression and development. Throughout your two years of A Level study you will be required to…

- Read texts that include complex academic vocabulary

- Research new material from unfamiliar sources

- Condense information in a legible format

- Evaluate and analyse the work of scholars

- Develop your essay writing and problem solving skills

- … and many other exciting new challenges.

We firmly believe that getting off to a good start will aid you on your journey to success, allowing you to develop into an independent and responsible learner to achieve the best outcomes.

You need to locate the pages in this booklet relevant to the subjects you are studying, and complete the tasks for all the subjects that you have applied for at TBSHS. Please note that some subjects will advise that you should complete certain tasks at the start of the summer (June) and complete a second set of tasks towards the end of the holiday in August. So please read the instructions for each subject carefully.

Ultimately, the purpose of this work is to help bridge the gap between GCSE and A level studies; approach it with confidence and an open mind. Any challenges you face – and what you did to try to overcome them - will be discussed in your first few lessons back. It is an expectation for all students joining The Bishop’s Stortford High School Sixth Form that this work is completed, and you will be held accountable for this.

You must bring a hard copy of your completed work to your first lesson in each subject. If you are an A Level student you will therefore complete three bridging units, and BTEC students will complete two. If you are studying four A Levels, then you will complete four bridging units.

You need to bring all completed units to your first day and prepare for a test on these in late September.

Associated Documents
PDF Document Bridging Unit, Master Booklet 2020-21

Bridging Unit, Master Booklet 2020-21

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