News: Coronavirus Information

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This section contains updates, letters and correspondence for parents & carers specifically relating to coronavirus (Covid-19).


Dear Parent/Carer,                                                                                                                               Friday 3rd April 2020

The last two weeks have presented us as a nation, as a community, as families, and as individuals with uncertainty. Not only uncertainty about our day-to-day lives, but also so much uncertainty for our future. Roads are empty, shops are closing, national examinations have been cancelled and the number of coronavirus-related fatalities in the UK rises every day. 

The Bishop’s Stortford High School has tried to remain steadfast in our commitment to the highest educational standards whilst being mindful of the demanding home circumstances of families. Parents have shown solidarity with the school and demonstrated this through the multitude of supportive emails that we have received. Students are maintaining their learning at home, despite facing challenges such as having limited access to computers or illness in the family. 

There may be some students who are not carrying on with their learning. This is not an extended holiday period and we do not expect to see a quick return to normal living. Our expectations have not changed and our message to all our students is simple and clear; have a restful break over the Easter period, reflect on what is happening around the world, but be prepared to work hard when schoolwork resumes on Monday 20th April. Demonstrate the Black and Gold Spirit; enact the school values that you see in assembly every week:
·         Commitment
·         Aspiration
·         Respect
·         Integrity
·         Community

The end of the academic year is drawing nearer every day and the uncertainty will grow, uncertainty around universities, GCSE grades and so much more. There are still so many questions we do not have the answers for yet. Again, once we know more, rest assured you and your son/daughter will be informed immediately.

Wishing you all the best over Easter from all at The Bishop’s Stortford High School.

Mr R. Lord
Deputy Headteacher



Dear Parent/Carer,                                                                                                                                  Friday 27th March 2020

It has now been one week since the UK Government closed schools and other educational settings, following the outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19). As you will undoubtedly know, this unprecedented decision was made to inhibit the spread of what is a potentially fatal virus and the impact of school closures has been difficult for all of us in our school community; students, staff and parents.  

First and foremost, on behalf of all the staff at TBSHS I would like to extend my well wishes to all our students and their families and hope they are safe and healthy despite the challenges we are all now facing. The immediate threats to our health are apparent, and we accept it is our responsibility to practice social distancing and only leave the house for the few, essential reasons the government has stipulated. However, the longer-term repercussions are not so clear and we must be mindful that our students will inevitably return to school at some point having faced a significant disruption to their normal learning.  This is valuable learning time that cannot be claimed back, and when we do find stability again as a nation, GCSEs and A Levels will continue.  

To limit the impact of this disruption and to ensure our students are not significantly disadvantaged when they do eventually return to school, teachers are continuing to provide high quality learning opportunities through ShowMyHomework. We realise that individuals’ circumstances and ability to complete work could be inhibited by limited access to computers at home, illness in the family, or many other reasons that may have arisen due to what is now an international crisis. These problems, and many more cannot be ignored, and we are sympathetic to all those that are concerned for their son’s or daughter’s education and trying to balance the demands put upon them. It is only through working together that we can ensure learning continues and our students make that inevitable return to school as well prepared as possible.  

As you would expect from TBSHS, where the values of resilience, aspiration and commitment are so firmly embedded in the work ethic of our students and teachers, we encourage all students to rise to the challenge and continue their learning at home. This is a duty to themselves that they must carry out as fully as possible where circumstances permit, for the sake of their own individual futures. We recommend that our students try to adopt as much of a regular routine as possible with regards to their studies, and suggest they try to maintain their normal lesson timetable as much as practical, though we are sympathetic to the different personal circumstances that each student faces. Checking ShowMyHomework regularly, both as parents and as students, is the best way to manage and plan learning at home. 

The school will maintain up-to-date and relevant communication with your son/daughter. In addition to being able to contact teachers for subject specific advice, tutors are also able to provide advice on working practices and habits. To avoid repeating information and to reduce the amount of similar queries/concerns parents and carers may have, there is a range of documents published on this webpage that can support everyone with learning at home, including what to do when your child has too much or too little work to do (Please note, we do not advise students to wear uniform when learning at home as illustrated in the Remote Learning Tips for Children document). 

There are many questions we simply do not have the answers for yet. Once we know more, please rest assured you and your son/daughter will be updated immediately.

Wishing you all the best in this challenging time. 

Mr R. Lord
Deputy Headteacher