News: Consultation on Disposal of the London Road School Site (Now Closed)

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The Public Consultation has now closed


1.   About the School

2.   School Proposal

3.   Reasons for Consultation

4.   Who the School is consulting with

5.   Consultation Timeline

6.   Responses

7.   Next Steps



1.About the School

1.1 Educating approximately 1200 students, The Bishop’s Stortford High School provides a single-sex education for boys in Years 7 to 11 and has a large co-educational sixth form, of which a third are female students. The School prides itself on being an academic school built on traditional principles and high standards, within a Christian ethos, which is reflected in its excellent results.

1.2 The School provides a truly all-round education. Its values are: Commitment, Aspiration, Respect, Integrity and Community.

1.3 For more details, please visit the School’s website: The Bishop’s Stortford High School News.

2. School Proposal

2.1 The School has consulted regularly over the last few years about a planned relocation to a new site located to the south, off Whittington Way. Current details of the intended development, including any impact studies, are available on Hertfordshire County Council’s planning portal (Planning Application Number PL/0095/19).

2.2 There is a recognition that the School’s current facilities are not conducive to providing a continued high level of education. Many of the School’s buildings are in a poor state of repair and limit any potential expansion of the School. It is very much the aim of the School to provide a brilliant new learning environment for students, one they very much deserve, whilst retaining the strong ethos and proud traditions that help make the School “Outstanding”. The School hopes to create a fantastic site that combines high-quality teaching spaces and excellent enrichment facilities to support the School’s superb extra-curricular programme, which will provide great benefit to the whole community.

2.3 The new site planning application acknowledges the intention to provide equivalent or better education facilities including playing fields which meet the Government’s current requirements for secondary schools. 

2.4 Government grant has been allocated to support the School’s plans for the relocation and development of the new site, which also have the support of Hertfordshire County Council. The relocation of the School was identified in the Council’s Forward Plan approved in July 2019 (for further details click here (LA Forward Plan).

2.5 The relocation will in part be funded by the sale of the London Road site including the playing fields attached to the School, all of which has been allocated in the East Hertfordshire District Council Local Plan for housing. A planning application to support this development is due to be submitted shortly and this consultation will run in tandem with the consultation accompanying that application, which will be carried out by EHDC.

2.6 It is anticipated that works to construct the new school facilities will start in the spring of next year with the aim of the School being ready to move into its new premises by Spring/Summer 2022. The disposal of the London Road site will complete shortly afterwards.

 2.7 No disposal of the School’s land will take place before the new school is ready for occupation.


3. Reasons for Consultation

 3.1 As a foundation school, the Governing Body of the School is the legal owner of the School site. This consultation is being launched by the Governing Body.

3.2 The Governing Body is required to consult on any proposal that involves the disposal of school land, including playing fields.

3.3 Whilst the Governing Body is not required to undertake a statutory process to consult on the transfer to the new site and the consequential expansion of the School to becoming a 6 form entry school, it is keen to hear any further views and comments on the relocation proposals. The Governing Body acknowledges that consultation responses may be broad ranging.      

3.4 Accompanying this consultation are the Exhibition Boards, which were put up during the recent public exhibition held at the School in anticipation of the intended planning application to East Hertfordshire District Council. The Feedback Report from that exhibition is also attached and both will be shared with the Secretary of State when the School’s application for consent to disposal is made.    

4. Who the School is consulting with

4.1 The School is consulting widely with its local community and this consultation document will be available on the School’s website and details will be provided to local press organisations.

4.2 A copy of this consultation document will also be provided to the following:

4.2.1 Parents of pupils attending the School;

4.2.2 Any community groups who use the School’s facilities and other local community organisations who the School feel may have an interest in the proposal;

4.2.3 East Hertfordshire District Council;

4.2.4 School organisation team at Hertfordshire County Council;

4.2.5 The Parish Council;

4.2.6 Thorley Hill Primary School;

4.2.7 Blues Pre School Nursery;

4.2.8 Other primary and secondary schools located in Bishop’s Stortford;

4.2.9 Bishop’s Stortford Town Council;

4.2.10 Other local District and Parish Councils;

4.2.11 Local MPs and County, District, Town and Parish Councillors;

4.2.12 Sport England.

5. Consultation Timeline

5.1 The School is required to consult for a minimum of 6 weeks (at least 4 of those weeks must be term time). Accordingly:

Start of consultation is Tuesday 22nd October 2019

End of consultation is Tuesday 3rd December 2019

5.2 The School will be holding a staff consultation meeting with its staff and their trade unions and a copy of this consultation proposal will be provided to the local and School Union representatives.

5.3 A copy of this consultation proposal can be downloaded from the School’s website and a paper copy can be obtained from the School’s reception desk.

6. Responses

6.1 Your comments are welcome and the Governing Body will consider any objections or expressions of support. These must be provided during the consultation period.  

6.2 Please feel free to send any comments, responses or questions to:

6.3 If appropriate, responses to frequently asked questions will be made available on the School’s website.

7. Next Steps

7.1 Following this consultation, a report outlining all responses will be submitted to the Secretary of State for Education to enable him to consider the School’s formal application for disposal.        


22nd October 2019

The Governing Body of The Bishop’s Stortford High School
London Road
Bishop’s Stortford
CM23 3LU