Community: UNESCO Associated School

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As a UNESCO Associated School we support the integration of international perspectives in schools and promote the values of UNESCO, including human rights, mutual respect and cultural diversity. Our students organise Model United Nations (MUN) conferences each year which are well supported by students from local partner and international schools.

TBSHS held its 8th Model United Nations on Saturday the 3rd of February 2018. It was led by Secretary General Jemima Sharman and Deputies Munashe Chitenga and Charles Lockie. theme for the day was ‘Diplomatic relations in East Asia’ focusing issues such as the nuclear missile threat from North Korea and ‘Missing Girl’ problem in India and China. There were four committees held in the morning session debating and submitting resolutions which were then carried forward to the afternoon’s General Assembly session. We were pleased to welcome our regular participants Hockerill Anglo European School and the Queen’s College, Majorca (led by former TBSHS teacher John Perry). We also saw superb attendance from Year 11 students including Boyd Dunster’s fabulous role play of the Russian Federation.

It was a particularly difficult conference for us this year, following the sudden passing of former MUN director and politics teacher Darren Solomons. However, the conference was a time to share stories and memories from previous conferences. STORTMUN2018 was a great success thanks to the students, teachers and guest schools involved which was held in memoriam of Darren. We look forward to continuing this TBSHS tradition next year.

Our joint Secretary-Generals for the academic year 2017-2018 are Emily Bonner and Jemima Sharman.

Our normal schedule sees us attending two MUN conferences on a much larger scale in the Netherlands. In January we added a third foreign conference by attending the two day MUN Conference organised by Cals College just outside the Dutch city of Utrecht. We took 14 students from year 12 who were commended for their participation. In particular, we are seeing more students from outside the social sciences, humanities departments which is particularly welcome. We also have a waiting list for our forthcoming visit to the MUN in Haarlem at the end of March.

We are passionate about increasing the opportunities for students to learn about life in a diverse global society. A global dimension approach to the curriculum can add relevance and real life to topics and really engage students.