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The Governors of the Bishop's Stortford High School are responsible for setting and maintaining the ethos and strategic direction of the School. In so doing they act as critical friends of the School, in order the better to enable the School to provide each pupil, with the opportunity to fulfil, his or her potential within a caring Christian environment.

Governors are appointed from various sections of the wider Community to ensure a balanced and objective view of the School, its aims and to secure the attainment of these aims. The Governors fulfil their function through a formalised committee structure, with the working committees in turn, reporting to the full Governing Body.

The School is mindful of and grateful for the role played by the Governors and the Governors, in turn, appreciate the enthusiastic support which they received from the School Community. It is indeed the enthusiasm of the staff (teaching and non-teaching) which symbolises the drive and determination of TBSHS and distinguishes it from other educational establishments. It is this enthusiasm which enables the School to provide a truly all-round education within the National Curriculum and, uniquely, the outstanding array of extra-curricular activities.

The present Governors of the School would also acknowledge the enormous contribution to the life of the School made by previous Governors and especially by past Chairmen, Rodney Stock, Dame Betty Paterson, Stanley Price, Jim Tee, Joanna McKee, Rosemary Jones and Dan McCarthy.

Do please make full use of this website and, indeed, the Governing Body in order the better to understand the factors which set this School apart. Please feel free to approach any of the Governors if there are any topics which would you like to discuss with them or upon which you would welcome further information from them. In the meantime, thank you for directing your time and interest to TBSHS.

Alan Fordham
Chairman of Governors

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Parent Governor Ballot, 5th May 2021

“The Governing Body of the school are pleased to announce that there were two nominations for the recently advertised Parent Governor Vacancy. An election will, therefore, take place. 
A letter notifying parents and carers of the election is attached together with a ballot paper. The letter details arrangements for the election and the ballot paper includes brief information provided by the candidates.
Please print the ballot paper and complete it to indicate your vote. If you are not able to print ballot paper yourself, blank papers and envelopes may be collected from the school reception.
All parents and carers are entitled to vote and may vote for one candidate only.
Please return your completed ballot paper in an envelope to the school office / reception either via your child or by post. Please mark your envelope “Parent Governor Election”.
All ballot papers are to be received at the school by 10am on Wednesday 5th May 2021. "
To Contact our Governors


Please email office@tbshs.org and write - 'Please forward to (name)' in the title.