Thought for the Day, 8th July

Keep dreaming, keep believing.

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Thought For The Day – The Black And Gold Spirit At Home

Wednesday  July 8th 2020

Keep dreaming, keep believing.


We are creating a better world for all.

We will create a better world for all.
Keep the legacy of those who have inspired you and who inspire you going.
Pay them back. Pay them back by paying it forward.
You inspire others.  Create your legacy too.  
Surround yourself with safe things that cheer you up a little.
The more challenges we face, the more positive vibes we will spread. True resilience.
Love is the only way.  Love wins. Love is the only power.  
Days for many are not easy.  
Share and care.
Share any worries.  We are here.
Care for others.  It’s not why you care,  but helping someone else helps you too.
No one is perfect. Everyone is on a journey. We are beautifully human.    
We are getting through these days together and hope for a better tomorrow.
One day at a time.   
Stay safe.
 Below: A proper poem by Luke Beer (Year 7, June 2020)
I had a dream the other night,
One I wish that would come true
That in this world of fright
A shining light came through
That people opened up their arms
And welcomed us inside
And showed us their magic and prayers
And put their differences beside
It wouldn’t matter who you are
What sex or colour or creed
Everyone would come together even from afar
And love and understanding would be guaranteed
There would be no fights or desperation
Humankind would come together
Making things better for the next generation
And working together forever
I feel that in the light of day


My dream world would be where everybody would be happy and there would be no coronavirus and no wars. Instead I would like it if we could trust anyone because some people out there in the wild today are not so friendly and could be dangerous. I would imagine it as going to Disneyland for the first time and you have fast passes and there would be no queues while we could make the most out of our lives.” (Sam Brewer, Year 7)


A proper poem by Thomas Taylor-Marshal  (Year 7, June 2020)

His name is captain Tom Moore.
This story started when his feet hit the floor.
Out of his wheelchair he got, around his garden he did trot.
100 laps he did in fact,
To help our NHS keep in tact.
For this war cannot be won in the air or on the ground.
Maybe never or until a vaccine is found.
But as in battle he was not put off.
He would never bow down and show the white cloth.
So he started at nil until he made nearly 32 mill.
All of this come from people being generous and kind.
With the thought of nurses and doctors on everybody’s minds.
When times are hard, and our lives are at threat.
This 99 year old veteran struggled on till our needs were met.
Now at 100 a legend you are, you outshone the stars in the sky by far! ;) 


Picture below by Oscar Gouldson, Year 8