Thought for the Day, 2nd July


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Thought For The Day  – The Black And Gold Spirit At Home 

Thursday 2nd July 2020






Innovation - Innovation is a new idea, method, or device. It is the introduction of something new. Good innovation is crucial to the continuing success of any organization.

We have all been innovating these past few weeks. Students and staff. What innovations  have you made?

An outstanding example of innovation came  last night with “Summer Sounds” (pictured above).  Thank you to all the numerous students who  innovated and performed. Thank you to all the truly innovative music staff who brought everything together in a creative masterpiece.  Watch back:

A further wonderful example of innovation comes today with on-line “Sixth Form Induction”.  This is outstandingly led by the absolutely and totally brilliant and innovative Sixth Form Team of Mr. Stark, Ms. Price, Ms. Miles and Mr. Munro.

Thank you to all the innovative sixth form subject and pastoral staff and student induction team.

We give our warmest welcome all our new sixth form today for the most innovative Induction.

It is absolutely wonderful to see so many of Mr. Wheatley’s year group back for Induction. You have served and led the school superbly for five years.  Thank you.

It is equally awesome, if not even more so, to see so many new students, girls and boys, wish to join The Black and Gold Spirit” to  make us better. Thank you.

You can all be vital to our future exciting innovation.

We wish all prospective sixth formers well for their innovative Induction.

The Sixth Form are your school team captains and senior professionals. They  lead out our and your team. They improve all our education and we are very grateful for them. They are the student leaders of TBSHS.

The sixth form inspire you to be student leaders in your year and in your communities.

Let’s go!