Thought for the Day, 1st July


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Thought For The Day:  The Black And Gold Spirit At Home 

Wednesday 1st July 2020



Art, Design, Drama, Literature and Music inspire us, relax us, express us, bring us together, reflect our emotions and our absolutely essential to our well-being and our humanity

Art, Design, Drama, Literature and Music tackle the big and important issues and questions of life. You see this at the excellent “House Drama”. You see this in Shakespeare’s work.

We always so need Art, Design, Drama, Literature and Music.

With Les Misérables, the fabulous drama and music departments, and all brilliant staff who were a part of the superb team, put together an historic epic and inspirational piece  of work and art which was appreciated with wonderful and moving standing ovations. It was crafted by students and staff in many hours over many months. It was such a massive highlight of this academic year.

And now, as you all, and are your teachers, have used, and are still using, technology like never before to create a truly galactic TBSHS, powered by kindness, respect, resilience and responsibility,  Mr. Emery, Mr.  Mr Newsome, Mr. Turone and music staff and students present the totally unique and completely unprecedented on-line “Summer Sounds.

Set aside just 80 of your evening minutes tonight to relax and be inspired.  You can organise your own appropriate refreshments (shout out Mrs. Jonas who organises these wonderfully at every concert).  At very, very least put TBSHS’  “Summer Sounds” on in the background. And, at the close of each performance, clap very, very loudly. You will be heard by the performers in their hearts.  Sending positive vibes.  Feel to stand up for a special performance of “Jerusalem” at the end. The Black and Gold Spirit.  At home.

The brilliant “Summer Sounds” concert will be broadcasting on our official school YouTube channel at 19:00 this evening. This link takes you directly to the concert page:

Running Order: Part 1 Welcome - Mr Emery Soul Bossa Nova - TBSHS Jazz Ensemble Take 5 - Evan, James, Sam O Ruddier than the Cherry - Oscar I Spy - Thomas I L...

.  If you have a television that connects to the internet, open the YouTube application on your “smart” television and then search for the channel “TBSHSofficial.” Under the videos section, you will find the Summer Sounds 2020 video premiere.  If you are watching and listening on a laptop, mobile telephone or tablet device, we advise that you connect the device to headphones or speakers to enjoy the ambience more fully.