Thought for the Day, 2nd June

Peace, Love, Justice

Date published: Tue 2 Jun 2020   Author: HLH/SGE   Category: News   Share: Share on facebookShare on TwitterShare on MySpaceShare by Email

Thought For The Day – The Black And Gold Spirit At Home

Tuesday June 2nd 2020

Peace, Love, Justice



Integrity is one of the core values of TBSHS.  Community is one of the core values of TBSHS.                                  

This is what a former student of The Bishop’s Stortford High School, Greg James , who studied where you studied and, with, the inspiration of Mr. Hows,  returned to support your excellent House Drama last year,  said in his “BBC Radio 1” programme yesterday. As you will hear, Greg is still studying.  There are two alternative links of the same short but important broadcast which is also on the attached audio clip:  (turn the sound on)

As stated yesterday, racism is the most important international news story of the last few days.   Prejudice and discrimination, in all its evil forms,  is always the most important international news story. Challenging prejudice and discrimination is all about valuing creation and human rights.  June is also LGBT+ Pride month. This film, which we always use, is brilliant and speaks to the same ethic: . “Reach out to those who are marginalized…silence is compliance”, says Greg in his very thoughtful broadcast.

The evil of racism has existed and the evil of racism still exists.  The evil of racism continues to cause so much suffering now and has caused so much suffering over so many years. Today and always we think of all those who suffer, and have suffered, because of the evil of racism. 

As I stated on Stephen Lawrence Day earlier this term, I, as a white person, cannot truly know what the black community have suffered, and still suffer; I must humbly listen, engage, empathise, reflect, ally, empower, change and help to change. This is true for all minority and ethnic groups. Life is all about making things better, trying to make a good and beautiful path, for others. That is the absolute duty of any privilege anyone has in life.  We need to encourage talking, listening, thinking and acting. We need to work together and learn from one another.

"I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear…Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into friend” said, wrote and lived Martin Luther King.  Dr.  King served, suffered and sacrificed. He took a courageous and peaceful stance to connect peace, love and justice.  He said he wished to be a remembered as “a drum major” for these values. Dr. King always will be.  Martin Luther King and Coretta Scott King ’s children carry on, and enhance, their parents’ legacy today.  Martin and Coretta would be, and no doubt in faith are, so proud. Their daughter, for example, Bernice A. King, continues her father’s message of peace, love and justice. She tweeted the following in the last few days: “Family, We can build a just, humane, peaceful world. We need truth and love. Truth about history and about the current vileness of racism, white supremacy and other inhumanity. Love that is active in facilitating deconstruction, equity and true peace, which includes justice.”  At the top of her twitter page, Bernice King quotes her father:  “There comes a time when silence is betrayal.”

At TBSHS, we continue to stand against racism in all its aspects.  Actions are the key. At TBSHS, we humbly strive together every single day to do our very best to keep learning and keep improving as a community, and as individuals, to make this world a more happy, healthy, loving, peaceful and just place at every level and in every place for everyone.