Holocaust Survivor Hannah Lewis MBE

Hannah returns to TBSHS to speak to 6th Form

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Holocaust Survivor Hannah Lewis MBE, speaks once again to TBSHS 6th Form


The Bishop’s Stortford High School were honoured to host Holocaust survivor Hannah Lewis MBE once again.

Hannah eloquently and thoughtfully delivered her very moving and deeply upsetting story, of life on Nazi-occupied Poland in the Second World War.

Hannah described the prejudice and discrimination and evil her family suffered from the Nazis and  how her mother protected her from the Nazis, sacrificing her own life for Hannah, her daughter.

In the midst of such horrific evil, there was such love and courage from Hannah’s mother, Hannah’s father, Hannah and Hannah’s friends and family.

Hannah also told of how she was welcomed in to the United Kingdom after the Second World War and how she respectfully returned to the site of her mother’s murder to pay her respects.

Hannah is a wonderful and inspirational person who is everything a human being should be.

She talks of living alongside the pain she has experienced in her life. Hannah continues to be such an inspirational, positive, compassionate and empowering person.

TBSHS will be remembering Holocaust Memorial Day on Monday 27th January with a special lesson across the school, where a survivor’s testimony will be watched and a period of silence observed, before the day begins.

Simon Etheridge
Subject Leader for Religious Studies and Citizenship